Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Natsumi Sings

I haven't featured the UTAU-loids all that much so far (it's taking quite a lot of effort and research simply to keep up with the Vocaloids!) but here's someone I haven't featured here before. CORRECTION: Natsumi is an original creation by Saboten, not a Utauloid: I do not know whose voicebank is being used here.

Natsumi is really quite nice, a simple character design along with a competent voice – though perhaps just a fraction too young-sounding – but hard to find in videos on-line, especially in solo performances.

I don't (yet) know how tightly defined the UTAUloids' characteristics are (I suspect not very!), but this is a Saboten model no less, and is actually quite pretty I think, singing a somewhat so-so song called Ne Ni Ge De Reset (no, I don't know what it means either).

Perhaps I'm just going soft in my old age, though, as I have recently started to suspect, but don't let that stop you enjoying this, despite uncharacteristic rendering errors in a couple of places...

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