Monday, 18 February 2013

Miku at Animelo 2012

The fairly short video below shows not only Miku's guest performance slot at the Animelo event on 26 August 2012 (an event intended for anime songs, not vocaloid/J-Pop/mainstream material) which was close to the fifth anniversary of Miku's release in 2007, but also how it was done.

Therefore, do pay attention to the info boxes as they are really very interesting, I found, especially regarding the Miku models and how much work went into making sure it was a good result for all those people attending – and there were over 27,000 of 'em at the event altogether, apparently.

The first song featured has what we now probably think of as the norm, which is very realistic movement. This was done by motion capture of a human performer, and the two are shown side by side in part of the video. It's especially great to watch that part! The second song clearly was not done that way, and thus its quality of motion suffers a little as a consequence, but is still good.

I am also quite taken with Tda's new 'Append' model of Miku, and I think at least some readers of this 'blog will be too. I am in the process of learning about the various models of a number of Vocaloids and Utauloids, and shall no doubt post something (hopefully generally interesting to readers) on the topic soon...

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