Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Project Diva-F

Yes, the new version of the vocaloid game for PlayStation-3 and PSP now reaches new heights as illustrated in this video, which I first spotted about ten days ago but didn't feature then as (a) it was still more than a month away from its release date (7 March 2013) and (b) is only in Japanese and not even being made available anywhere else.

Check out the video, though, for some previews of new costumes, hairstyles (and tinits!) and 'stages' that no doubt will appear in another wave of videos. As always, when that happens I shall look for any particularly good ones to showcase here, over a period of time.

Also, for anyone sufficiently dedicated, it is now just about possible to pre-order from one of the Japanese outlets and arrange shipping to your part of the world. Then the task ahead will be to overcome the language barrier...

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