Monday, 4 February 2013

Medway Monday – 4 February 2013

As I touched upon in my recent post on the initial Bloggle event, we are now having a weekly Medway Monday blogging extravaganza – well, okay, it probably won't be quite that big, but I think it will develop into something a little bit special with its own character, over time.

The idea is to post something about Medway every Monday  whether it be a photograph, a story, a video or even just a rant.

I am starting off with a couple of photos of mine of Grange pubs, because they are unusual and I think merit another airing by themselves, rather than merely as one part of a twenty-plus images Walkabout post, which is where these images first appeared a while back.

First, here's the fairly recently refurbished The Barge, which looks really good nowadays after its decline into neglect and tattiness in recent years...

The other Grange pub' to feature here today is The Ship Inn, which seems to be almost 'floating' in the road, just like a real ship floats in the sea....

 It is no secret that I have a greal affection for this part of Gillingham; and those who have seen me on my Walkabouts there will no doubt have noticed by continual beaming smile all the time I am there. That isn't fake: it's genuine.

My 'feel' for places in general is now more widely known than it was as recently as just a few years ago, and Grange has that feel of somewhere a little bit special, tucked away in an area that one wouldn't necessarily think had any great merit. Grange has merit; and these two pubs – along with the wonderful church and its grounds, and that lovely shop along the 176 'bus route – exemplify its character perhaps better than any other individual components parts of the community.

So, if you happen to be in the area, and spot an almost childishly beaming fellow with an Olympus digital camera, that'll almost certainly be me!


  1. I've never been to either of these but think I'll have to change that soon :)

  2. If I get to hear when and where, I might eveb contrive to be there at the same time(!)


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