Friday, 21 December 2012

Yuki Nagato – SELECT

In these – possibly – last hours of existence (UPDATE: we're still here!) let's listen to Yuki Nagato's song SELECT, and also ponder upon the possibility that Haruhi Suzumiya might well create a brand new world for us. I wonder whether we shall notice, at least straight away, if so...

This song comes with the English words as subtitles. It helps to have seen the Disappearance story for it all to gain proper context and relevance, but is anyway an insight info Miss Nagato's nature and plight. Yuki means 'snow', by the way, which explains one reference in the song.

Some of the comments at this video's YouTube page show just how moved some listeners/words-readers have been. Click the YouTube button on the video player if you wish to go there and read those comments.

Meanwhile, here's Yuki. Just click SELECT (the left mouse button in RISC OS parlance) below...

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