Friday, 28 December 2012

Gangnam Culture

This at The Commentator poses a question that, I suppose, hasn't really been looked at all that much in the mainstream media – probably because economic, political and military matters dominate those sources for obvious enough reasons.

It is true, though, that cultural influences spreading through the (nowadays much more open, thanks to the Internet) international scene are making their mark just as much.

I have highlighted in recent weeks a fair range of far-eastern cultural examples that have gained great popularity in other parts of the world, including my own country (though you might need to check out a selection of newsgroups and other types of forum to discover just how big this really has become), and it goes a long way beyond Gangnam Style that is quite rightly being held up as the big example of the present day.

Personally, I think that as we find through their culture that the peoples of these other nations are really just like us at heart – with cultural differences, yes, but they still live lives that are not significantly different from our own (apart from in the Communist-run States, of course, but that's only because of impositions and restrictions) – barriers will continue to be dismantled and we shall more naturally become more of a one-world species than could ever be done by those whose agenda is to impose their New World Order upon us.

We'd also be a more natural and thriving race, rather than a self-appointed elite with the rest of us no more than slaves, as is the intention by those with that agenda.

Thus I welcome and – as has been evident for a long time now – embrace this trend, and shall continue to showcase examples I discover, though not as frequently as I have during these past few weeks. Indeed, this now gives me the excuse to post that slightly cheeky Lucky Star version of Gangnam Style after all, which is a it of a turn-up that I couldn't have predicted(!)

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