Sunday, 23 December 2012

Brilliant! You won't be expecting this!

Thanks to His Grace, who has an interesting matter of his own to raise at that linked page, I have become aware of this delightful New Zealand production of much of the Christmas Story, told by youngsters...

It is notable that the youngsters so often 'get it' with this kind of subject, keeping to the heart of it (and it is so obvious when one watches this). We adults, though, can go completely off the track, for example focusing on political correctness as the 'big thing' even in this season of the year, as in this tweet from someone in the church not far from me...
"Ugh! Forgot to correct the non-inclusive language in a hymn I brought! Hate it when that happens! "
Cultural Marxism (for that is, as I have shown previously, what all of that is and always has been) reigns supreme in much of the church, even today. Many of us are so disgusted by the Lefty (i.e. Satanic) influences that abound in the churches of our nation that we simply don't trust many of them any more – and who can blame us?

Whether the above example (one of a fair number I have encountered, incidentally) is one person's own corruption or a policy within his own church I do not know; but either way it is not God's way and it certainly isn't Jesus' way. It's no more than a veneer, a fake front put up to deceive.

I for one shall have no truck with any of it! Instead, I shall watch the above video again: much closer to God's message to His people than any amount of language tampering...

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