Monday, 24 December 2012

The Cutest Stage Show in the World

Guaranteed! Now this is what advanced holographic projection was intended for, and is far and away the best use I have yet encountered for the technology.

You don't need to go through it all, but just a few minutes at the start and a few dip-ins along the way should give you the flavour. It's truly amazing, and the 'performances' are extremely well done. The main act with a strong opening set (after a brief intro by another performer) is Miku Hatsune, the world's first purely holographic pop star – but there are around a dozen others appearing either as solo acts or as duos, with Miku-chan re-appearing from time to time..

The holo-performers' voices are called Vocaloids, apparently, with the first (i.e. voice-only) performances created back in 2004. The complete performers with visual charaterisations have been around for about five years now, since Miku Hatsune was created back in 2007 (launched in August of that year, I think). The anime-style visuals have resulted in what we see in the video below, and the whole persona is nowadays referred to as a Vocaloid character.

I hope this brilliant show has won awards – it certainly deserves to do so. This video was shot at a live performance in Sapporo last year. It has been taken to other places, including Singapore and Los Angeles.

I suddenly feel a strong desire to go there (or wherever the show is currently being staged) one day soon...

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