Friday, 21 December 2012

Don't Respond to Cold Callers

There is someone going around this area (Chatham) at the moment cold calling on residents, supposedly advising them about "telephone exchange upgrades" and quizzing them on their present telephone and/or internet arrangements. He claims to be from Talk-Talk – or at least did to me.

Obviously, this is not how such companies operate, and most of them have said so to their customers, i.e. 'we do not cold call by telephone, email or personal visit' or words to that effect.

I have checked with the council as a Trading Standards matter, also Citizens Advice, and let them know the details. They agreed with me that they are well aware that companies such as Talk-Talk do not cold call – so this is near-enough certain to be a scam.

Be Warned, and don't respond or give out any information!


  1. I make a point of answering EVERY question they ask.

    Can't say if the answer is true, or a total figment of my imagination. :-) :-)

  2. That's one way, I can see, though it is actually just about impossible for me to be dishonest so it wouldn't work in my own case.

    Still, it's an idea that others reading this might find useful to have had suggested...

  3. Nothing dishonest about it.

    They want a story, they get a story. It is not as if you are gaining anything from it. THAT would be dishonest.

    As it is, they burst, via the telephone, or door bell, into the middle of MY PRIVATE space, and then they expect me to do THEM a favour???

    Aye! RIGHT laddie!

  4. I had a guy who said he was feom Talk Talk and was offering a great deal if we swoitched to them as phone and ISP provider. Since I had heard nothing but bad things about Talk Talk I politely declined. It was a cold call.

  5. Interesting to note that, despite my sources suggesting that they don't have a cold-calling policy (at least not officially, I am told) it does apparently go on

    As I told this one, though, "no reputable company would do so" (my standard line on this). I am grateful for Furor's follow-up suggesting that we should indeed be less than polite with these pests. Although I cannot accept that new comment as worded, I do appreciate its intent(!)

    1. XX Although I cannot accept that new comment as worded, XX

      O.KI. Point taken. :-)


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