Friday, 28 December 2012

St Trinians, Japanese Style

I have been having a brief look or two at the Lucky Star series, and the characters are somewhat like those notorious young ladies of British film fame from several decades ago, at least in some respects.

Apart from Miyuki who is smart, helpful and polite – though also somewhat clumsy – they are a dodgy-looking bunch!

For all that, the series is actually quite entertaining as a 'slice of life' type of scenario. Konata, the blue-haired one with an attitude, is lazy and prefers manga/anime and gaming to doing homework (but then, I suppose most schoolkids would) which is the excuse for introducing all those references from other series, such as the Haruhi Suzumiya references compilation video I posted here recently. There are plenty more, including Pokémon (which of course pleases me).

It's not something I intend to spend too much time on myself, though I expect to dip in on almost a random basis from time to time, as it is comparatively harmless. For example, the first episode is largely concerned with a discussion on how best to prepare and eat various foods. It's a lot more entertaining than any description I can give, so I'd suggest is worth pursuing if it sounds like it's your kind of thing.

Oh, there's a well done video of these ten doing 'Gangnam Style'  – but I don't think I have the courage to embed it here(!)

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