Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics Opening – After the Dust Settled

Once everyone had had a chance to detach from the immediacy of the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony as it unfolded live, and were able to give it their more objective and analytical appraisal, what has come out has been interesting and is worth spending a few minutes at least flicking through part or all of what has been written on the topic over the past weekend and today.

I have selected a few that I believe will be of interest to at least some (perhaps most) of this 'blog's regular readers in particular, especially the first three (from Iain Martin, Douglas Murray and James Higham) in the following list...

  • Iain Martin (Telegraph) – a game of two halves, Danny Boyle and then it went 'creepy';
  • Douglas Murray (Spectator) – disliking the event does not make someone 'a Nazi';
  • James Higham (Orphans of Liberty) – a sudden huge swing of public opinion; and a reminder that if you have millions to spend of course it will be spectacular;
  • Jason Groves (Mail) – Labour Party's glee at what seemed like a huge advert for their position;
  • Paul Kelso / Patrick Hennessy (Telegraph) – Ministers' suggestions regarding the opening ceremony;
  • Benjamin Harris-Quinney (Commentator) – a comparison with Beijing 2008 and what our opening ceremony really means; and (for completeness...)
  • Yahoo! Sports – viewing statistics

Read and learn, even if you don't always agree with what has been written!

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