Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Narrated Waybuloo Hits Australia

Oh dear! The narrated (by Dave Lamb) version of Waybuloo may well have been banished from these shores, but it is still alive and well elsewhere. It has now arrived in Australia, immediately prompting these two tweets, first from Stephen Hope of Sydney...
" The BBC have destroyed the temper of Waybuloo by adding a 'Funniest Home Videos' style VO over it. Can ABC air it without VO?"

"VO" stands for Voice-Over. A minute later, Mat Farrington of Canberra had this to say on the matter...

" Cringeworthy narrated Waybuloo episodes need to go. Awful! Bring back original format."
I have no idea what might have possessed the antipodean broadcasters to make them think that they could fare any better with this travesty than the BBC itself did – they were compelled to revert to the original format after just one new-style episode was broadcast – but they will probably now get bombarded.with similar protests to those we had here all those months ago.

There is an old saying about there being two ways to learn a lesson: the easy way and the hard way. The easy way in this instance would have been to have learned from the BBC's experience (easily seen, as there has been no ten-minute Waybuloo slot in any of Auntie's schedules since that initial attempt) rather than having to go through it all themselves.

I have tweeted a response, indicating what worked here and suggesting that they might like to consider mounting a similar kind of campaign where they are. We shall see what transpires!

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