Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Medway Mile 2012

It is not very well known that I have run, walked or otherwise 'put myself about' (as the saying goes) in events going back to the 'seventies.

This includes several sponsored events for the Merton Talking Newspaper (in which my canine friend, Pip, would accompany me and have her own set of sponsors!) among other such activities including for nearby Sutton Talking News (from which I have only sound recordings, no photos).

Seeing two of the Queen's corgis in the James Bond helicopter sequence at the Olympics opening ceremony last night reminded me of her...

In the photo at right Pip is showing the way to go to (blind) Audrey Button's (sighted) daughter, who in turn is guiding two others (looks like partially-sighted George on the right), in one such event, on Wimbledon Common.

Anyway, last night was also a useful reminder of the Medway Mile run on the same day, an event that is now in its sixth year. At this link is a photo by Joe Armitage that shows councillor Mike O'Brien at the left.

Councillor Chris Irvine has written a few lines and posted a video, with the promise of more to follow.

Now, I was one of the participants in the very first of these events, back on the same day (27 July) in 2007, and I walked part the way, ran the rest, with Mike and also the then Director of Adult Services at Medway Council, Ann Windiate. We made a nice threesome! I perceive some symmetry here...

I certainly recall that occasion very well! It is just a shame that health issues in recent years have meant that I can no longer safely participate in such activities, otherwise I'd have been there yesterday. I thought of being just an observer, but it wouldn't have felt right and I'd have been sad not to be a participant.

Anyway, I gather it went well (as they have every year); and just as proof of my own credentials, below is my t-shirt from that first-ever Medway Mile, and another from a (much earlier – 1978) Sunday Times 'fun run' in London. That one started well enough for me, by the way, but I met up with a couple of dogs (and their owner) at the back of the pack, and stayed with them – so on that occasion I was one of the last to complete the run.

In case you were wondering about that: typically I'm about two-thirds of the way back, mainly to avoid the claustrophobic crowding of the leading chunk of the runners and from those coming up from behind. So, to finish this: here is that photo of two of my t-shirts...

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