Monday, 23 July 2012

Stoned on Rock – Neil Innes

The Alice in Wonderland motif for this works well enough, though the young lady doesn't seem to be wearing an Alice Band, which seems a surprising omission (I learnt about these when the Waybuloo one, featuring De Li, was released).

I do wonder whether the hippie with the 'cello case was the inspiration for how Stargate: SG-1's Dr Daniel Jackson turned out – that character does look very much like him in both the (original) James Spader and (subsequent) Michael G Shanks versions.

My favourite lines from the song are, perhaps predictably (knowing my penchant for word-play)
Though life is hard to take
I shan't quake or shake
I've got the rock to make me bo[u]lder!
Here we go...

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