Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Neil Innes – Those That Didn't Make It Here

Although they are great, I did not include the following in this series (but provide links for those who feel they are okay with them) for these reasons...
  • City of the Angels – excluded because of (brief) imagery of unclothed females;
  • Humanoid Boogie – I'm not sure if those mannequin torsos are really appropriate for my 'blog; but perhaps I'm simply erring on the side of caution;
  • Amoeba Boogie – videos featuring children in leotards aren't really approved of these days, rightly or wrongly;
  • Front Loader – because of the petite (young-looking but actually but 23-year-old) lady undressing in the launderette. This was controversial at the time, and the story was covered in the national media.
There are lots of others I could include, but I am saving those for another day....

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