Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hacker-space in Medway

Hacker-spaces are physical locations where coders and the like can meet to learn, socialise and collaborate on projects, as the linked page puts it. This is of course the real (and original) meaning of "hacker" in the computer-related world – one who hacks away at programming code to make something work, not someone trying to compromise another's IT/on-line security.

It is pleasing to find a hacker-space at the Medway Innovation Centre, under the name Prototype, at the end of the first linked page's relatively short list of such spaces in the UK.

It's all been going as a concept for some time, and is worldwide, with the UK having been active for at least three years – probably much longer, but the Foundation to which I linked above began in early 2009, so (without some delving) I can't be sure of anything prior to then.

Anyway, it's there, and it's also here just up the road from me – not that I am a coder myself these days, even though I have been wondering whether to get myself a Raspberry-Pi when the new Debian Linux distro comes out (named Raspbian!) and learn Python, among other study. We shall see...

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