Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An Ironic Hug

When a tweet popped up that claimed that "hugs and holding hands can be good for one's heart" I had a look at the linked post on this topic. As I have (significant, but not very serious) heart issues myself, I felt it'd be a bit daft just to ignore it, despite looking like it wouldn't be applicable to me.

As a loner I was of course right about that latter aspect; so offer this just as a bit of public information, primarily aimed at those with what the post terms a "significant other" – which I gather is a kind of catch-all term for those in marital, civil or common-law partnerships or are "just good friends" as the saying puts it.

So there you go: never say that I am not kind to my readers, even when there is no relevance or benefit to me personally(!)

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