Thursday, 16 August 2012

Parish Notice (Updated)

My pill collection. I take ten per day...
As a few people are aware (including the couple I met at Halling last Sunday) the high-dosage medicines I am now having to take daily are having greater side-effects for the time being. No doubt it'll settle down as I adapt; but in the meantime I have noticed some unhealthy consequences, especially to my temperament and (occasionally) writing.

It can come out in a way that wasn't what was intended – okay, we all do that to some degree, and sometimes spot things afterward that can be embarrassing, funny or perhaps something else when re-read.

I find this is largely a consequence of the vagaries of the English language and its ever-increasing range of slang expressions) and a simple correction/clarification fixes that. I, though, have recently been losing focus as a direct result of my medication changes, and that gives me pause.

The bottom line is that, for health reasons, it is wise for me to take a break from the political side of blogging, as it's making me too upset and angry for my own good. There might be an odd post here and there, but for now I intend to concentrate on the other topics I cover here. It just isn't worth risking making myself unwell.

Incidentally, the effect on me does not extend to the various Green party bods who are sufficiently worried that their pseudo-science fakery is being exposed here that they are bringing in reinforcements to attack me from outside my own area. They are trying all the usual double-speak stuff and emotional blackmail techniques, which in itself is a warning alarm to anyone who is aware of what they are trying on. No, all of that just produces mirth in me...

Meanwhile, this video deals far better with what made me angry yesterday than I am currently able to do myself (though do excuse the poor sound), read this useful article (but beware the comments are somewhat mixed and need to be read with a little caution – though it's fairly obvious what each commenter's political stance is, which helps) and also note this tweet...

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