Friday, 17 August 2012

LolliBop 2012

This year's Lollibop is on again at Regent's Park, though in a different part this time.

There will be Waybuloo (Yogo and story-telling), ZingZillas, Mister Maker and many others there, including the Gruffalo (which will please four-year-old Maxwell, whom I met recently), all compèred by CBeebies presenters – plus of course loads of youngsters and their parents or guardians.

I suspect it's going to be noisy and somewhat chaotic too!

There was a time when I'd have enjoyed going along myself, if I'd been in charge of one or more children so that there was a valid reason to be there (apart from my being just a 'big kid' at heart, which doesn't really quite make the grade), but this year I think I can safely claim to have turned the corner on all that. After all, I've seen a Pipling and Rosie up close, and there is no need to do anything more than that.

For the little ones, though, it will undoubtedly be great. It's the third such event, which in itself demonstrates how successful they are (it's not easy or cheap to put and run this sort of thing, especially over three days) and I wish it well!

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