Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dark Knight, Sheds Light

There is a very interesting discussion of the film The Dark Knight Rises at The Commentator that is well worth a read. It is, as the piece indicates, the norm for Hollywood to (in effect) promote the idea of wealth-making as a positive thing, even though that is how the world of human society works best.

Indeed, it's the only way society actually can work, as other models have shown through their own failure.

This reminds me of one of the paradoxes of life on Earth: Hollywood is dominated by Jews: producers, directors, executives, purse-string holders. Jews tend to support the political Left (hence Hollywood's general slant, for one obvious effect of this) yet it is the Left who support their enemies, especially the Palestinians, while rather obviously paying mere lip-service to 'friendship' with Israel, the Jewish State. Indeed, our own BBC is so slanted (as has been reported on several issues in the last week or so alone) that it really is a mystery why that Left-supporting situation still exists.

Anyway, that's where we are; and perhaps it is sign of change, of the Hollywood bosses finally waking up to reality in at least one (probably two) direction(s), resulting in a shift toward more realistic scene-setting in the dramas they produce. The writer of The Commentator's article is described as a "researcher at a pro-Israel education organisation", making this all the more intriguing.

It is about time that, especially in this era of special effects-laden superhero (and similar) fantasy, some real-world factual basis to stories being told came into the movies. We in Britain were always so good at this, years ago; and the likes of The Ipcress File and its sequels, Get Carter, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and others from around that era carried a lot of factual and (especially in hindsight) contextually obvious material within them. One could learn a lot, and get a feel for how and why things operated thus.

Anyway, I shall now have to seriously consider going to this new movie myself, to appraise its message validity personally; but by the sounds of it the job has been done well, so I might just wait for it to appear on television as is my usual practice. We shall see...

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