Saturday, 18 August 2012

Three Symphonies

This Thursday just gone, the BBC Proms concert (No 46 of the season) featured the middle three of Vaughan Williams' nine symphonies. The first three were all named – Sea Symphony, A London Symphony, Pastoral – but these next three are unnamed.

They are powerful works, though the middle one (the Fifth) is gentler than the other two; and as I have mentioned previously, the first movement of the Sixth features the Family At War television series' theme at its end.

Although this playing of that particular excerpt isn't the best, it is good enough, and starts at 8 min 20 sec in on this radio-iPlayer page (just five days or so remaining as I write this, so act quickly) lasting 90 seconds.

It's also a bit quiet, so you'll probably want to crank the volume control up somewhat – not to make it loud (it won't) but to bring it up to the correct level.

The rest/whole of the concert can be re-listened to at this page.

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