Thursday, 21 November 2013

Who 50th Trailer

There has been a raft of fan-made 'trailers' and other stuff appearing in recent weeks, but this short collection of snippets is probably most of what we'll get officially ahead of Saturday's Big Event. Yes, the BBC has put out a couple of other short videos, and they too are of value – probably more than the speculative montages by others – but my gut feeling is that it's best just to wait now.

As David Tennant says here: "Of course you're going to watch it!"

On top of what follows below, last night's One Show was very Doctor Who heavy, including sofa guests John Hurt and Janna Coleman (the 'Louise' was dropped from her professional name a few months ago, it seems). While that programme is unlikely ever to rise above its set-the-bar-as-low-as-possible style, there is enough in there to be worth spending the time on it if you are that keen. I have gone through only part, myself, and it seems to be enough for now, at least for me.

As always with the BBC, my apologies for the small viewer, imposed owing to the Beeb's insistence that I may not 'tweak' the default embed code. Switch to full-screen view for best effect, though...

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