Thursday, 28 November 2013

The PMX 2013 Concert

As better quality video has been promised, I had hesitated to put up the interim (lower quality) videos here; but it is getting a little long for me to not post anything substantial from the Synthesized Reality Productions (SRP) Vocaloid Concert at PMX 2013 earlier this month.

Therefore I have relented, and here is the first part of the concert (starting at 2 minutes 50 seconds in), with the four other parts easy to follow on to from the end of this clip.

The first part of this six-part suite of clips was all pre-concert, so I have gone straight to part 2. It does give a fair idea of what happened.

As it starts with GUMI, and the first song is by Mitchie M (Freely Tomorrow), and Miku's first song is Neutrino, I strongly suspect a neutrinoP influence at work, though I could be wrong and it's all just coincidence that it's his favourite performer and favourite producer right at the start.

For some reason, Rin sounds especially nice in her opening duet with Len, Remote Control.  I felt quite 'awww' toward her, yet again!

If you don't mind your jaw dropping, just wait until you get the Wonderful Nippon trio, including CUL and Lily (I didn't recognise the amazing lady in the middle, but probably should have). I doubt anyone in the audience was expecting anything quite like that!

It was great that Miku was in her Senbonzakura outfit for that closing song – though I don't envy the person who had to sweep up all those cherry blossoms afterward(!)

One oddity is that Yukari seems somewhat anorexic, and is also mirror-imaged, as is Gumi (note which side the former's hair adornments are on, and the latter's garter, also Miku and the others' waist straps). Saddo that I am, I notice these things. Hopefully it is only this video that is (apparently) back to front, and the concert was presented the right way around...

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