Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Miku's THE END

The video below comes courtesy of Fuji TV, who have kindly permitted its embedding.

This Vocaloid Opera is fascinating; and although I have some reservations about it, there is no doubt that this new opera has opened up to modern-day creative minds the possibility of transforming what might now be considered by many to be an old, stale musical and stage format into nsomething suitable for and appealing to twenty-first century cultural society.

?It is often by showcasing something unexpected that potentially creative minds are shown that they too might well have something to contribute after all, following a life in which they might have felt they could never contribute to any artistic genre. I know from my own experience how true that can be.

Here, then, is a short (five minute) feature on the opera, including short excerpts and some brief interviews with its audience at one showing. It is next to be staged in France tomorrow and again two days later UPDATE: It has sold out, so a third performance has now been scheduled...

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