Friday, 22 November 2013


Thinking about Mayu a little earlier this evening, I had been pondering the fact that we usually encounter only the standard model of her, with the same outfit and everything else. Most other Vocaloid characters are known for having different designs, outfits and other variations (Lapis being another exception).

So I was now on a mission to discover any other Mayu models 'out there' – and I found a couple!

Even better, here are all three together: the standard Windows 100% magazine model (Saboten), the Tda Append model (by princessayw), and a School model (by creinie). From watching the three models together, particularly their hair, I suspect that the Saboten model hadn't had the physics patch applied when this was produced – but it's still good, if not quite as natural-looking as the others.

There are no English words provided, but I suspect most viewers will be too occupied with the delightful visuals to be overly concerned about that...

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