Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dancing on the Table

Now, I've heard of table dancing, but I have a feeling it does not conventionally refer to what Miku is doing in Augmented Reality (AR) on this table.

This is a relatively early application of AR to Miku, and features the really nice Lat-style model of her. Apart from (minimal) 'sliding feet syndrome', it is very good indeed. The motion is from a performance by a 'Yumiko', apparently: I hadn't heard of that name in this context before.

At this time (earlier this decade) there were at least two popular AR programs/systems around:OpenCV and ARToolKit. From viewing several of each, I do gain the impression that the latter was the better quality, though no doubt everything has moved on a fair amount in the intervening two to three years.

The song here is Tell Me!! The Magical Lyrics...

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