Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tangible Control of Miku and Others

This is an interesting piece of tech', whereby a sort of bendy figure made up of what look like the sides of Zelda's fighting cubes from Terrahawks allows direct control of Augmented Reality (AR) characters.

You'll see what I mean as soon as we get past the opening shots in the video, which depict a few examples from the wide range of Miku designs there are around now.

I cannot yet perceive a practical application for this, but usually when something like this appears it isn't long before someone does, and the rest of us (well I do) react with a "why didn't I think of that?" For now, it's a concept looking for a purpose, so the more people who watch this the more likely it will be via such crowdsourcing that something will spring to someone's mind.

In this regard, I don't consider the very last action in this video to be the right direction in which to aim one's thoughts...

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