Saturday, 9 November 2013

Viva Happy, by Miku

This is what is taken to be the official video of Mitchie M's recent release Viva Happy, which is a lot of fun, and ideal to brighten us all up on this wet and dreary Saturday morning. The new Mitchie M album came out a few days ago, by the way: it's a must-buy for his numerous fans in Japan and all around the world.

It's quite fast-paced, especially some of the rap, so you'll need to be a quick reader of the subtitles in order to keep up throughout. Alternatively, just listen the first time, and then go through it a second time, focusing on the words and ready to pause and unpause as necessary(!) It is worth it, though that second run-through can be done at any time, really.

Anyway, let's all 'Viva Happy', even when the world isn't easy. Chu lu chu chu...

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