Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Maika Track

Just up on YouTube today, here is Ni Una Sola Palabra ('Not A Single Word'), performed by new Spanish vocaloid Maika, ahead of her imminent release. There are no English words, so this is also an exercise in how good your Spanish is (or isn't!) though understanding isn't vital for enjoyment of the track.

Once again, the editor is shown as it plays through the song, behind Maika's image – said image having been provided by artist Noriko Hayashi a.k.a. 'Noririn'.

The song itself is not new, having been released in mid-2006 and performed then (and many times since) by Paulina Rubio, who among others is formally credited within the video.

It has been a while since we last had something from Maika, so this is very welcome. Her voice is one of the clearest I have encountered – although I admit I am having to assess this is Spanish, which isn't straightforward though eminently possible even for me...

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