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The Very Big Picture

This is the most important post I have ever written, building on some earlier posts that I never dared to take all the way. Now, though, the time is right to do so. Atheists need read no further, as they can have no clue about what is really going on in our world – it simply isn't possible without understanding the context.

Because this is a statement from me, more than anything else, and not intended to be a debate, exceptionally I am not accepting comments on this post.

Have you ever wondered why all these bad things that happen in the world are so prevalent, and why they go near-enough unchecked in practice, even in societies such as ours? Brian Gerrish has part of the answer when (in interviews) he has indicated – and sometimes illustrated with actual original documents he and his group has acquired – how organisations such as (predominantly) Common Purpose have their 'graduates' sabotaging public services.

The Common Purpose Mind Map diagram shows a huge and complex structure of interlinked and complicit orgnaisations and their particular lines of activity. I have linked to this before; yet it is worth reminding ourselves of the subversive and criminal nature of at least some of these outfits and their practices.

I have also mentioned such matters as New Labour's implementation of the treasonous Frankfurt School policies that are designed expressly and solely (and obviously when one looks at them with hindsight) to destroy a society and its culture from within. This, as I have said before, explains why getting rid of the death penalty for treason was such a high priority for the new Blair government in the late 'nineties, even though it was hardly consistent with their stated policy direction that was supposedly to be dealing with the country's urgent and vital needs.

The Mind Map, though, tells us much more than this, as do other sources and national and world history for at least the last century. It indicates that this is all too big and long-term for a single human lifetime, and when all put together it also points to a specific agenda that only one entity in the whole of existence would be pursuing anywhere near this strongly and single-mindedly, especially over such a long time-span.

Let's take a couple of examples: it is now blatent that the powers of government have for years been specifically targeting and marginalising adherents of one religion – Christianity – with a slightly less hostile approach to the Jews. This isn't just in this country (though it is very strong here and worsening all the time) but elsewhere in the world. I have been sent first-hand reports from a number of countries in the last couple of years and the trend is very clear.

Most recently in Britain, blogger Archbishop Cranmer has been challenged (incorrectly, on a number of substantive points) by the Advertising Standards Authorityfor carrying an advertisement that invites signatories to a petition. Note that he didn't create the advert, it just happens to be on his 'blog (and no doubt many others), so why is he the target? Good question!

The complaints and reaction show that a highly specific anti-Christian-morality agenda is at work here, and its targeting is even more blatent than most other such attacks on (specifically) God's people and their support of/for His word and stipulations.

Many people have cottoned onto to some or all of this, as these two comments from another site, reporting the Cranmer business clearly show, quite apart from those at his own site. 

The clues are all pointing one way...

Another example: the promotion of certain other faiths, and the covering-up of their people's criminal activities by classifying them in other ways (often in a way demeaning to a whole continent!), is in effect encouraging some of the most vile activities by the lowest of the low. This is mostly done by much of the big media, also aided by the legal structure in this country.

Along with some of the basest of the Frankfurt School policies, such as their 'sexualisation of children' policy that we saw implemented by New Labour, the results are as we have seen in recent news as one instance, but that is just a tiny fraction of what is going on and which is more-or-less condoned in Britain nowadays.

Ponder this: it is very hard to see how Islam could possibly be the word or will of God (it's not consistent with His known nature e.g He NEVER gave us licence to harm one another in any way and we are ALL the same in His eyes; it is the word of one man uncorroborated by independent others; and that man was a warlord who continued un-transformed, unlike those who truly come into close contact with God) and probably never was. Indeed, there was no reason for an "update" to the New Testament, and one that contradicts it at that!

These are easy tests that anyone can apply, in light of Jesus' warning that others would come in his name (or his father's):  God made sure that dozens of independent witnesses would testify within each Testament of the Bible, showing not only His own truth but guiding how we can assess those who were yet to come.

This has nothing to do with me: anyone can work it out for themselves, as many have already done...

Note that what is happening today is a continuation of extant policy that, no doubt, is almost inextricably intertwined in Gordon Brown manipulations combined with EU stipulations. That's the most likely way it was engineered – as it was definitely wanted by Blair and Brown as part of that now-proven set of Frankfurt School policies they implemented almost in full during their time in office.

Others have covered this in detail, and I have previously linked to some revealing posts by the likes of James Higham, Barking Spider and Anna Raccoon on these and related matters. Thus the body of evidence is well established and beyond reasonable challenge – indeed, I don't think there has been any serious attempt to challenge any of those bloggers' own contributions to this big debate, let alone my own.

Thus we see, in all of this (and there is plenty more I could cite), that the underlying agenda at the back of it all is an anti-Christian and anti-God's morality thrust, driving everything either directly or (sometimes) not so obviously through indirection.

Remember: there is only one entity in existence with this exact all-encompassing agenda, and only one who knows as an absolute certainty that Christianity is the only accurate and complete religion on Planet Earth!

It's all much too big, too complex, too long-term and too all-consuming to be another other than the devil himself behind it, using a Boskone-like network structure to deliver via (predominantly) the oh-so-compliant political Left, whose language he speaks. They are very easy to bring and keep on board, as all Lefties are either evil themselves or just very gullible and easily conned into doing the wrong thing if the sales pitch is sufficiently convincing – which it always is, of course

Others are also targeted, and some end up up being conned too, though perhaps not to the same degree. There will also be a (comparatively smaller) proportion of corruptible non-Lefties. That is human nature; and in any sufficiently large body of individuals there will always be some.

The left, though, steeped as they alreay are (and probably always have been) in self-interest, deception, manipulation and – no doubt in many cases – several base desires from the universal Lefty staples of theft and dictatorship to those lowest Frankfurt School aims, are a ready-made body of devil's disciples, whether or not many of them even realise that's what they are. It is no coincidence that the world's (especially non-military) dictatorships are almost universally Left-wing regimes, and Lefties are also responsible for most of the oppression, "disappearing" and actual mass-murder in the world.

So yes, the political Left are (unsurprisingly) Satanic in nature – and I could list dozens of other big clues, but they're easy enough to work out for yourself – but let's get the dog wagging the tail here: they are servants of Satan, not the other way around. Thus the left doesn't have to be Satanic, but it tends to be because it's such a close fit and those driving the movement around the world are the right type to fill those shoes. We can all, I feel sure, immediately think of several we had already realised are that evil, for a start.

If I were to write a book, I'd have the room to go into many more facets, examples and real world anecdotes from current and recent history that'd make this comprehensive, rock solid and beyond sensible challenge. I hope I have come close to that even in this not-too-long post.

The bottom line, though, is that ALL Lefties are working for the devil, knowingly or otherwise, and there is NO exception whatsoever. That's why no truly decent person can ever support them in any way, under any circumstances. There is no wriggle room on this one!

Of course, they are labouring under a misapprehension, that by destroying our society and culture they will be making way for a glorious Socialist revolution in which they will become the New Elite. They have the precedents of such as the former Soviet Union on which to draw. However, in reality, almost everyone was living in a state of perpetual fear of the very, very few at the top of the tree. All others were expendable minions; and especially with the EU planned to be the "new USSR" with Britain merely a district within that structure, no-one here will be any higher than a (single) governor or equivalent.

I have known all this for years, which explains my attitude towards the Left and why they never fool me. I know their true nature, and it is vile! There is absolutely nothing decent, honest or worthwhile about them, no matter how well it is presented. It's always a con, so don't be taken in if you do not wish to become, in effect, a Satanist yourself!

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