Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Love Music, Hate Racism

It's that time of year when the annual LMHR event occurs in and around The Command House pub' in Chatham – yes, the place featured in Pub Dig on BBC-TV recently – this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

I try to get along to the event for a little while each year, and especially to (try to) talk to the barman in the RAFA Club opposite, which hosts some of the proceedings. I know him well...

It can be too noisy for speech, though, so I'll try to time it for an interval between the performances inside the club.

Do come along if you're nearby, this coming (long) weekend, and feel free to add your impressions in the comments. I shall be posting something about it myself, afterward, but am wondering how many of those who go along have any more idea of what it's really all about than what we are supposed to believe.

It will be interesting to read others' findings, and I don't mean what Rory might find in the ground...


  1. Here's hoping it goes better than it sometimes has in other places!

  2. Oh! Sounds intriguing...

    Here, they always seem to go well enough, in the middle of Chav-land (which might or might not have some significance in this respect).

    It'd be interesting for someone independent and with a knowledge of all of these events over the years to publish an analysis of them, from which perhaps some patterns and/or trends could be deduced. \it's just a thought...


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