Thursday 31 May 2012

Chip on the Shoulder

I've had one of those unfathomable experiences while out shopping today. A lady with two dogs was on the island in New Road, waiting to cross to where The Paddock joins that road.

Noticing that one of the pooches was interested in saying hello to me, I gave the group some space when I reached the island, as I realised that the last thing their owner needed was to have to separate one (possibly both) of her charges from me when the moment came to cross the eastbound lanes. There isn't much of an opportunity to do so per cycle of the traffic signals!

However, when that moment came, I got from her an over-the-shoulder parting comment suggesting that I "had an issue with dogs". Her voice, general manner and specific body language demonstrated a very clear (and large) chip on that shoulder.

It was tempting to respond, but I let it go.

Of course, as anyone who has known me for a while will be aware, dogs are my friends, as these shots from a PDSA Open Day in Gillingham a few years ago illustrate.

Anyway, it reminded me of how the most innocuous actions, remarks or whatever are jumped upon by those with an (often highly dubious) agenda, and helped immensely if they too have a shoulder-mounted chip – the bigger the better!

That way they can make it seem as if there was something 'bad' about the individual they wish to target (and note that word wish in there!) when anyone knowing that person would realise – just as those who know about my lifelong friendship with dogs – that it was nothing of the kind.

It is a very Left-ish thing, as I and others have demonstrated numerous times through real-life examples we have reproduced on 'blogs such as this, and very childish, tantrum-like in fact.

Witnessing it in the street, especially when directed against myself, is a good reminder of that; and perhaps if the same were to happen to one of those making on-line accusations and smears in the way I have outlined above, it might just embarrass them enough about their attitude and they could even learn from such an experience. That would be a good thing!

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