Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bus Spotting

I have been asked what I did before the new Chatham Waterfront 'bus facility was there, to keep my patrician's eye on our local 'buses.

Well, of course, there was the visually very restricted Pentagon-based 'bus station of old; but I found the best place was where I still stand today (indeed, I did earlier today!) which is at the stand adjacent to Chatham Railway Station.

My exact vantage point is next to Stop C, which is the one that leads south along Chatham Maidstone Road, from where I can see south as far as the laundry...

...north to The Cut and even spot the 'buses approaching along New Road before turning right at the filling station, as well as those coming from the Waterfront facility. I can even catch sight of those turning left out of The Cut and not coming my way at all...

...also, by looking west, what's in and what's departing from the three stops...

...if anything(!) It's the best spot that we've always had while I've lived here.

Okay, I don't actually make a point of going out at random times to watch the 'buses – I am there only when I am waiting for a No. 101 or 176 headed in that southward direction, as for my trip to ASDA today. For me, it's just making use of an opportunity, along the lines of: "I was standing there anyway!"

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