Saturday, 26 May 2012

Naughty Drivers!

Despite the signs, road markings, and cautions during the early weeks of the Chatham Waterfront 'Bus Facility's operation, drivers are still driving through there, which they have no right to do. It has now been in operation for around six months.

This web page on Medway Council's website illustrates the danger that at least some of this drivers present, complete with short video clips from the cameras on the site. I don't fancy having any avoidable hazards there, and certainly not this one, so I hope that all those caught on camera are dealt with in a strong enough way to act as a deterrent for the future.

If all else fails, I suppose that elevating barriers could be installed, something like the fixed one-way one at the nearby Richard Street car park's exit but these ones to be operated by coded signals from authorised vehicles ('buses and taxis).

There'd have to be a suitably narrow way through for bicycles, which are also allowed – though I can't see why they are permitted anyway: there seems to be no valid reason for this.

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  1. Perhaps if the council in their wisdom had not made it impossible to go through Chatham (from North to South) rather than having to either cut through a maze of side streets or divert completely around the town centre and a long series of traffic lights, this problem would not have arisen.
    Yes the drivers are naughty, but the culpability for this goes all the way back to the council and their road management schemes.


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