Friday, 25 May 2012

Pi in the Sky

Well, that's what it looks something like on RyanTeck's world map "tracker" of Raspberry Pi computers. They're almost everywhere in the world now – and they've been going out for only a few weeks.

As I write this, North America has the greatest number of Pis, currently approaching 2,000 registered on the map as being located there – by the looks of it, mostly in California, though the numbers seem to go awry when I zoom in for the more detailed figures, so I can't confirm this.

There are also some 1,400 registered in Europe.

It's all happening out there, and this tracker map will be one to watch in order to gain insight into how this little device is storming around the globe as fast as they can be produced and tested.

I bet even Acorn Computers never anticipated anything quite like this when they firstly invented the ARM processor that in a later incarnation would become the heart of the Pi, and secondly even when they jointly formed a company to take their invention into other markets, which has resulted in billions of the things going into mobile 'phones, set-top boxes, tablets and other items needing a low power consumption state-of-the-art processor chip/chipset.

It's a rare example of a British invention actually making it in the world market; and the Raspberry Pi in turn looks set to follow in its own CPU's 'chipsteps'.

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