Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queen's Jubilee Beacons

While I am on the topic of the Queen today...

Now that applications for beacons to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee have been processed, we know where they are to be located locally. I am concentrating on just the four Chatham ones (plus one just over the border at Gillingham Pier), which are to be sited at:
  • Victoria Gardens (close to my home)
  • The Great Lines
  • Luton Recreation Ground
  • Capstone Farm Country Park (not shown on my map)
They are to be lit on 4 June 2012 at 1015 a.m. and (I assume) will burn for the entirety of the four-day period of celebration.

It is notable that there are no beacons at all in Rochester itself, though there is to be one in north Strood, across the river. I can understand there might be issues in the tourist areas and near listed buildings, but surely something high up, say on one of the Borstal open spaces, could have been done...

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