Saturday, 1 June 2013

Servant of Evil

Just in case anyone tries to suggest that I am being gender-discriminatory (or any shorter form meaning the same thing), here is the sometimes underestimated Len Kagamine, who tends to be overshadowed by his other half, Rin, who (as it happens) puts in a short appearance toward the end of this song.

This is Servant of Evil, a famous Len song, and it comes here from the live concert in Sapporo in 2011. It is a good showcase song for Len, whose vocal compass is used to good effect in generating what comes out almost as two different voices. Interestingly, it makes reference to his 'sibling' as the queen of a faraway place, which we of course recognise is her portrayal of the 'tiny princess of 14 years' from Rin's complementary song Daughter of Evil.

This has English subtitles, though they do sometimes overlap the Vietnamese ones but are still readable.

Incidentally, Len has his own selection of songs not just written for him but best performed by him, most notably Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder and Fire Flower, as well as several duets performed either with Rin or with another of the ladies such as Miku or GUMI. We mustn't make the mistake of thinking his range of dedicated songs and indeed his (often almost fiercely vocal!) fan base is less than just about any of the other Vocaloids, short of Miku, and they all add something to the culture base...

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