Thursday, 27 June 2013

Miku is a Gadget

Well, the Gadget Show certainly featured Miku as their first item in the first of their World Tour episodes. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to embed the 3-minute clip here, but thanks to the Hatsune Miku Fansite I can provide a link to it.

There are several key moments in that clip, so I do urge especially British/western visitors here to follow the link and check it out. The Miku concert of 'ten thousand' in the audience, 'sold out a year ago', and the British presenters' own live reactions all show that this really is a phenomenon that is just waiting to have the same kind of effect here as it already has in Japan.

No longer can we say 'Oh, that's just the Japanese and their culture' when even British technology geeks find themselves caught up in the true spirit and atmosphere of one of these events. Their brief was to cover the technology, which they do, albeit briefly; but it is their comments (subtitled, as they aren't so easy to hear clearly) at the concert that tell the real story.

Incidentally, Miku/Vocaloid 'anoraks' like me will spot straight away that the music in some of the mini-clips within the video doesn't match the costumes and motion. Naturally I recognised them all straight away(!)

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