Monday, 10 June 2013

Miku's Disappearance

I once showcased this item as a walk-through with many costume changes en route, some five months ago. It's now a good time to watch the live concert version, complete with (slightly 'Engrish') subtitles, as it is one of the most spectacular performances I have ever encountered.

It's great in headphones, or via a sound system with a firm, tight bass quality (such as the classic JBL Century L100 speakers and a Harman Kardon top-line amplifier such as the Citation Twelve).

The Disappearance song, sometimes known as 'Miku's Intense Song', is part of a bigger story that culminates in a Dead End with a digital malfunction. I'm not so keen on that; but this one is truly excellent – though you will need to be a fast reader to be able to keep up with the lyrics in places...

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