Monday, 24 June 2013

Medway Monday 24 June 2013 – The Longest Loop photos

A couple of weeks or so back, I told you of my extraordinary trek along the A2 main road, across a (big!) golf course and through woodlands to arrive back at my starting point, much to my surprise at the time.

I subsequently decided that I'd return to take some photographs of at least part of that long route, though missing out those long sections, at least for the time being. I might venture along the whole of that huge journey again one day, armed with a camera, but for now here are nearly thirty pictures which, with captions, tell at least some of the rest of the story...

The starting point, after the 'bus ride to Strood: Bligh Way shops

Just round the corner, in Albatross Avenue, I spotted this

Ah, so that's what this place is

Approaching the opposite side of the Recreation Ground

And this is where it comes out

Up Sharfleet Drive and into The Shades

Around that bend is this spot, with a way onto the main road

This is that main road: the A2 Watling Street, heading west in this view

This is just the beginning...

Looking down on the M2 motorway. Now we jump in the story... the exit from Ranscombe Farm Reserve, much later!

Medway's Miracle, as David Bellamy termed this place

All that metal fencing was for the high speed rail line, which we now cross

Narrow path, even narrower aperture through that bike barrier!

The other end of that access path over the railway

Looks like something might be up ahead...

Yes, it's a bridge carrying the M2 motorway; but there's no way up from here

Hmm, a long track that way. It led to a building and a dead end

How about on the other side of that road bridge?

Doesn't look promising to the right...

...definitely nothing to the left...

...and ahead looks like yet another farm, so I assumed a dead end

However, when I asked, I was directed along that very path

Now this looks vaguely familiar from somewhere...

Real signs of civilisation ahead, the first I'd encountered in 3 hours!

Well, would you believe it? It's actually Bligh Way shops again, just down there!