Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Miku Mini Concert (sort of)

In fact, it's a miniature stage in someone's home, but presented as if it were a live concert. It's Miku only, which is fine for something of this duration, and if anything works better for that.

I have been watching 39diyMMDconcert and their videos for several months, wondering whether to post any of their collaborative efforts here, and now I have a half-hour video that makes it sensible to do just that. This was produced on 'Miku Day', but I didn't go through it thoroughly enough back then to be able to make a sensible judgment (it was a busy time for me).

I think this has been done very well, using some excellent models (especially the Append ones), and there is even a Daniwell song I hadn't heard before. I realised it was one of his after just two notes were played, though I waited for the third note, just to be certain. The style is a complete giveaway!

There is one Miku model that is really quite compelling, as any of the close-up shots of her face (including medium close-ups in particular) show, and quite expressive too. I am very taken with that, though not so much the somewhat skimpy outfit presented here. Despite that, this model (which I do not recognise and cannot even guess who might have created it) is, I think, one of the very best I have ever encountered of Miku...

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