Friday, 28 June 2013

Romania Vocalekt Concert

In fact, this edited together excerpts are from the second Vocalekt Visions concert held in Romania, at Nijikon 2012 on 3 November that year, only small parts of the first having been captured on video so not sufficient to make something like this. They get a remarkable thousand or so attendees to these events, no doubt helped by Vokalekt's neutrinoP coming from that country and promoting them locally.

I was particularly taken with the Yuzuki Yukari model, which is spectacular: this was created by neutrinoP (who is a versatile fellow) from a base model by one KumaMMD, of whom I hadn't previously heard. Between them, they have produced something quite special, I think.

Several of the featured songs will be familiar to those who follow these things avidly (John raises his hand at this point), and others will be new, including Overload and the Romanian Promisiuni. It's a good forty minutes, despite not having English captioning/subtitles, and is available in High Definition, selectable in the usual way from the cog icon at the base of the YouTube player once started...

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