Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Wayfield Gate

I really love making deliveries, even though nowadays, for health reasons, I cannot carry the load of leaflets that I once could (and so often did).

Being 'out there' in perfectly ordinary places, but realising they have a feel about them, is one of the very best things I have ever done in my life. If only I could have found a way to share what I'd experience with others...

Anyway: inevitably I encountered all manner of places and situations, including squatters and all sorts. It can be a real eye-opener, doing this stuff!

Certain characteristics are associated with particular places, as any regular deliverer gets to know. One such is the 'Wayfield Gate', which occurs throughout much of that part of Chatham...

It occurs from Burma Way at one end, right to the far end of Eden Avenue, and at various points in between. Its main characteristics are a groaning squeak on its hinges, paint typically flaking off, those curved corners on the gate itself, the funny caps atop its supports (they feel a bit odd too!), the fairly distinctive handle, and the definitely distinctive trapezium-shaped bat attached to that handle. It tapers the 'wrong' way, and is something I have only rarely encountered elsewhere – and certainly not in this design. This is exclusive to Wayfield, as far as I have been able to determine.

It's one of those peculiar things that mean that, say I were teleported to an undisclosed destination and I found these gates all around, I'd just know I was in Wayfield...

It's an interesting area in many ways. For example (and I bet none of the Labour councillors representing the area knows this) Ironside Close has almost as many dogs as properties – a total of 23 pooches at last count, among 28 properties. I have met a fair number of them!

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