Friday, 19 October 2012

Finding That Elusive TV Theme

One television theme from many years ago that I wanted to share with my readers has so far been impossible to find. One great joy of the Internet has been being able to revisit those memories of decades ago because someone has kindly uploaded a theme and perhaps even a video of a programme's entire intro and/or closing sequence.

One I have specifically searching for during these past months has been one of the themes to the long-running ITV series of the 'seventies called "Love Story". Yes, I know, I know... but this particular theme made it worth catching the beginning of the programme and then finding an excuse to go and do something else.

There were several themes over the years, but the one I have in mind was by a jazz trio of piano, plucked bass and drums. It was very good and with a moderate 'tingle factor'. It was mostly slow, with an uptempo middle section, very distinctive and certainly unforgettable. I have a feeling it might have been composed by Derek Hilton, but cannot be sure. There seems to be no record of it attributed to him that I can find via that route.

 If anyone knows where an on-line version of this theme exists, presumably hidden away from search engines and other such front-on approaches that in my experience fail to find it, do please post a link in the comments and I'll gladly embed it here (or provide the link if embedding has been disabled or is otherwise not possible) so that all who visit this 'blog can enjoy this excellent piece.


  1. I don't remember the show, never mind the theme, but it seems it was popular!

  2. I'm embarrassed to find, after a bit of Googling, that I actually owned this very LP!

    Is this the theme you were after?

  3. No, that's one of the other themes for the series, and I had already found that one. Thanks for making the effort, though! The clue is in my description of the instruments involved, which I had hoped might at least reduce the ambiguity caused by that disconcerting habit TV programme makers have of changing themes part-way through the life-span of their longer-running series.


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