Sunday, 14 October 2012

Islamic Conversion

Here in the Spectator is an especially insightful and revealing look at the widespread practice of women 'converting' to Islam. It is being done by making it oh-so-easy, and entices in thousands of converts a year, the majority of whom are women.

It is well worth setting aside a quarter of an hour or so to read this fairly lengthy piece and then have a good think about it and what it means. With that method I have recently been openly advocating of taking a mental step and seeing this in its wider context, a number of things should pop out and make themselves evident.

I shall not go into those right now, as I believe it is important for readers to work these things out for themselves in matters such as this, but I might well re-visit this article in a week or so and go into such detail at that time. We shall see...

The comments to Melissa Kite's piece are very mixed and, in parts of the comment thread, go into areas that are well outside my expertise so I cannot contribute anything on those, either there or here. Despite that, there are some real truths being enunciated there (much of which most of us already knew, despite all the denials from Islamic mouthpieces) and the inevitable manipulators who try to pretend it is not so.

Fortunately, easily-observable facts have, over the years, shown who is right and who is not. One big myth is that a lot of what goes on is not down to Islam, such as killings; but contributors to the comment thread have provided easy-to-check quotations that show that they are, no matter how well it is camouflaged through technicalities and clever wording.

I think this article, along with at least some of the associated comments, is one of the most significant I have found on the whole topic, especially as it comes from a very personal and human appreciation of faiths and their significance to individuals. I have therefore taken a copy for my permanent records.

There is also some useful complementary material that helps to firm-up some of the more general aspects of real-world Islam at The Commentator.

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