Monday, 8 October 2012

Dark City

Here's a real treat for the night – and you really do want to watch this at night, in the dark!

If you have never seen Alex Proyas' masterpiece Dark City, released in 1998, now's your chance. This is the Director's Cut version of the whole movie, and it is one of the best such movies ever made.

Okay, some of the casting is a little less than ideal (Jennifer Connelly does not make a convincing cabaret singer, even though it is her voice here – despite the credit for Anita Kelsey that has been left over from the original 'theatre' version) but overall it is truly brilliant and you'll never forget it, I promise!

From the haunting song Sway to the 'tuning', and all the way to Shell Beach, you're now on an amazing journey, but there's no more Mister Quick...

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