Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nowrein Part 3

You know that expression "It doesn't get much better than this"? Well, today's meal at Nowrein Indian buffet restaurant in Chatham (close to the boundary with Rochester) reminded me of that saying.

Although the starters were a bit ordinary (an area that could be improved upon) the main dishes were again exemplary, with Tikka Masala, Dhansak, Korma, Fish Begum and two Korai dishes (lamb and chicken) among several others. The last is the word from which the word 'curry' is thought most likely to derive, after a lengthy investigation by Ismail Merchant (of Ivory-Merchant film-making fame).

Along with three rices and a half-dozen side dishes plus two Daal (lentil) additions, plus the usual mini-naan breads, the selection seemed if anything even better than before, and was truly brilliant! The word 'delicious' hardly does it justice – trust me on this! Better still, go and try it for yourself.

By the way, the coffee they serve on request afterward is excellent too, especially now they have brown sugar in (which hadn't arrived when I was in there before).

Although I turned up at half past two in the afternoon, the place was still busy-ish, with several tables occupied including an Indian family of six or so. I have seen Indian groups and families in there before, and that is a good sign too: they know what is and what isn't good, better than anyone else. It is not common to encounter their patronage at such places, so this is a significant indicator.

I notice these things...

The details again...

Nowrein Indian Buffet Restaurant, 74 High Street, Chatham, ME4 4DS. Tel: (01634) 400 450
Open noon to 11 pm every day, including Sundays and Bank Holidays

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