Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bloggers Forum

I was one of around twenty local bloggers in this area who participated in a Bloggers Forum this afternoon, which formed a part of the Unfinished event held by Rochester Literary Festival (Roch esterLitFest). The session was facilitated by the wonderful Jaye Nolan of Rochester People fame (and other sites and work).

The start was delayed, so I was able to spend some time beforehand with such Medway blogging luminaries as Alan W Collins (formerly the Twydall Tory) and Chris Sams (the Ginger Liberal) as well as Ed Jennings who no longer blogs as such but does have other on-line activities in the social media.

Once it was time to go upstairs to the venue's fairly large meeting room, what came about was a very interesting one-hour session, covering a range of topics from niche blogging genres via reviewing products to video blogging (vlogs). Not everyone there spoke – although I think a little over half of us did – and I tried to be helpful on a couple of occasions. I might even have succeeded, perhaps once anyway...

Overall it seems to have been judged a successful and worthwhile venture, and it looks as though there could be a programme of regular meet-ups of Medway's bloggers in the future.

When the official write-up and photos taken at the Forum appear, I shall add links as appropriate. I hope it'll be okay to post the group photograph here; but if not I'll leave it at just the link.

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  1. Hi John, thanks for the write up :) You can most certainly post the photo here when I get round to publishing it :) Just one thing of note - I'm no longer with Rochester People, sadly - a change of editorial policy unfortunately. But gives me more time with the LitFest :)


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