Saturday, 16 June 2012

Videos Advance Notice

Just to let everyone know...

I am still editing my video recordings from last weekend's Bicentenary Dickens Festival, and this weekend am recording at the FUSE Festival. I recorded nearly three GigaBytes of material today, and I might add to that tomorrow, weather and health permitting (I am not very well this evening).

Both finished products should go up during this coming week, in that order – in parts again as it is obvious that, for some reason, YouTube is not handling the longer uploads correctly, despite its perpetual banner reminding me that I am now allowed to upload longer videos.

I mention this now only because I have had a fair amount of interest expressed in these 'event' videos and enquiries about both of these new ones.

Meanwhile, I hope that visitors here have now viewed the rest of the River Festival that I recently added to the original post. There is some good material in the new parts, including the full sail-by of the Kingswear Castle paddle steamer and the complete award ceremony.

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