Saturday, 2 June 2012

Medway River Festival

Me in action with camcorder. Photo by Chris Irvine
This was the first such event we have held here in Medway, forming part of our local Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend, and it has been promised to be repeated next year at least, and hopefully every year thereafter.

It was a good event, spread along the Chatham waterfront from the 'bus facility right the way to the far end, with a fairly extensive programme and lots of ongoing activities for visitors, especially (but not only) children.

I was there from before it opened to after it closed, apart from a spell back at home to upload the video clips I had by then shot and to partly quick-charge the camcorder's battery. I met friends and acquaintances, and also colleagues from the council, made a new friend or two, and enjoyed the day.

I shall be editing the (more than eighty!) clips into a proper production to upload to my YouTube channel, probably during the next few days. I shall embed it here once that has been completed. There's so much material that – even after editing – it will probably end up in at least two parts, owing to the YouTube 15-minute limit imposed on those of us without mobile 'phones (yes, that's the only reason I can't change that limit).

UPDATE 4 June: Meanwhile, the always-excellent Rochester People has now posted three galleries of still photos from the River Festival...

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